Empty legs flights from Luton ⋅ London, United Kingdom

Here are our available empty legs from airport Luton in London, United Kingdom.

These empty legs can be modified according to your itinerary, please ask us for a quote or try our online quotation tool.

(Prices are estimates and do not include landing and overnight fees, empty leg flights subject to initial flights and permits)

TOTAL : 2 Empty legs
  • Empty leg from London to Moscow on Bombardier - Global Express XRS
    • London LTN
    • Moscow VKO
    • Global Express XRS
    • Bombardier
    • Long Range Business Jet
    • 10
    23 500 EUR
  • Empty leg from London to Newark on Gulfstream - GV/G550
    • London LTN
    • Newark EWR
    • GV/G550
    • Gulfstream
    • Long Range Business Jet
    • 14
    48 900 EUR